Prime Hospital successfully treats Poly Trauma Case


Prime Hospital had received poly trauma patient. The patient in question suffered from multiple fractures on the pelvic right side, also known as the ‘open book’ fracture and left side iliac wing, in addition to an anterior diastasis of the pelvic ring which was addressed by an external fixator.

The patient also had notable fractures, particularly segmental much comminuted fracture at the left tibia and fibula and also the malleolar fracture left side which was addressed by an external fixator. The fracture of the distal shaft radius was also fixed by an external fixator and the proximal humerus was impacted.


Following the assessment and diagnosis of Prime Hospital’s dedicated personnel, the patient proceeded with the operation which was done in three stages:

  • The first operation focused on the fixation of the malleolar screw for the ankle fracture and external fixator removal of the tibia and doing internal fixator fracture of the tibia by interlocking nail
  • The second session was done for the removal of distal radius external fixator and internal fixator by orif by plate and screw. Upon checking for stability of the shoulder, the attending medical staff found that it was unstable so they decided to do closed reduction and percutaneous fixation of the proximal humerus by k-wires The right side of the pelvic ring fracture was also addressed by an internal fixation screw percutaneous technique.
  • During the third and final surgery the orif of the pelvic posteriorly and also the symphysis diastasis anteriorly by plate and screw was done.


Following the three operations, the patient recovered well and is now able move the knee slowly with physiotherapy. The hand in pronation and supination and shoulder movement have also begun to resume. The patient can now flex the right leg normally at a 90-degree angle and, he is now able to bend the back and move or turn on his right and left side with no pain. The patient is doing very well in physiotherapy, and is very satisfied and happy with the outcome of the operations.

This successful results would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of all the medical and administrative staff in Prime Hospital who played an active role in every stage of the process.



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