Thesalyn O. Foronda | Physiotherapy


She is a DHA Licensed in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Medicine and has obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy at Our Lady of Fatima University, Valenzuela, Metro Manila, Philippines. In the same University, she also acquired her Master of Arts Degree in Education as a Professor of Anatomy and Healthcare.

Since 2000, she was exposed to chronically disabled people to maintain and improve their physical well-being by implementing treatment plans. In 2008, she was recognized in the 7-Days Newspaper as “Excellent Physiotherapist in Dubai”, and through this, she was distinguished on her treatment programs.  By then, she has demonstrated more accomplishments and strived harder to set a standard of excellence in the professional field.

She was also a founder and leader of one of the most critical Physiotherapy Home Treatments in Dubai, UAE. With 18 years of experience in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Medicine field, she is now the In-Charge of Physiotherapy Department in Deira branch of Prime Medical Center. She is currently supervising patients’ progress and makes adjustments to treatment plans as needed.


  • Neurological and Post-Traumatic cases such as Cardiovascular disease, Spinal Cord injuries, Cerebral Palsy and other Physical and Functional disabilities
  • Orthopedic cases like Low Back Pain, Cervicalgia, Sports-related cases including Bone Fractures and Ligament injuries
  • Musculoskeletal diseases such as Tendinitis, Fibromyalgia
  • Pre and Post-Operative cases of Osteoarthritis & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Dry Needling treatment


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