Dr. Nagham Zahoo | Gynecology & Obstetrics

Specialist Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Dr. Nagham is graduated from a College of Medicine-University of TIKRIT 1999, she has experience for more than 14 years in OB/ GYN field. Dr. Nagham had fellowship in OB/GYN since 2008 which was authorized by Iraqi Board for Medical Specializations, for last 8 years she had vast experience as a specialist in Baghdad medical city which is a famous and tertiary hospital in Baghdad / IRAQ doing various operations & high-risk deliveries. Also, Dr. Nagham is a member of the Teaching staff in College of Medicine-Baghdad University (2008-2013), Trainer in Arab Board of Family medicine (2010-2013). She attended laparoscopy & hysteroscopy training.


  • Prenatal, antenatal and postnatal care including routine and high-risk pregnancy with delivery (normal, instrumental, and Caesarean section).
  • Women Health including general health, breast exam, pelvic exam, Pap smear and colposcopy.
  • Management of infertility and polycystic ovaries.
  • Operative Gynecology like abdominal, vaginal hysterectomy and myomectomies.
  • Laparoscopy for gynecological problems as fibroids and ovarian cysts.
  • Vaginoplasty (vaginal tightening) and labioplasty.