Nationals and residents of the UAE can now access medical consultation via phones through the new PRIME Telehealth platform licensed by the Dubai Health Authority.


The service is currently available to existing patients of PRIME.  


All they need to do is book an appointment for PRIME Telehealth service by calling on 047070777. Their dedicated doctor will then use a telehealth platform to communicate with them while viewing his/her medical records.  The doctors will then issue an electronic prescription to Medi PRIME Pharmacy who will carry out the home delivery of the medicine, without any additional charges. 


What makes it reassuring is that the PRIME Telehealth service is approved by most of the insurance networks in the UAE, and covers their consultations and medication plans.


Dr. Jamil Ahmed, Managing Director of PRIME Healthcare Group said, “Access to primary healthcare for all is a critical factor that cannot be compromised and should be the basic right of all human beings. At PRIME Health, we firmly believe especially in regards to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, that people shall stay at home and stay safe from the coronavirus infection. By launching PRIME Telehealth initiative, a timely medical service to allow you to continue your treatment with your own doctor from the comfort and safety of their homes, everything gets covered: right from diagnosis to medical prescription over the phone, to medicines delivered home.”



“Given our already extensive network of Medical Centers across the UAE, Launching PRIME Telehealth will support us in getting a step closer to our vision of offering healthcare for all. This service will be the first of its kind that caters to the UAE’s patients through their own doctors who are following their cases for years at low risk. We are confident that PRIME Telehealth will enjoy a high uptake among our patients particularly those who can now gain easy access to their own doctors and, therefore, to quality healthcare at home or wherever they are.”

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