We aren’t just Healthcare.

We are Responsible Healthcare.

At PRIME Healthcare Group, we recognize that we have responsibilities not only towards our patients, employees, and shareholders but also to the communities in which we serve.

Corporate Responsibility not only supports community development, but also ensures sustainable management relating to our everyday business activities. 

We know the importance of the role that banks play in influencing and impacting the economy and society at large. Therefore, we believe that a responsible healthcare provider cannot solely be concerned with making a profit.

Sustainability means recognizing the socio-economic issues and that the living conditions in society are inseparably linked. 

That is why we focus our social investment on high-impact areas such as enhancing the welfare of people with disabilities and raising the health level of the communities we serve.

By generating an enriched experience for our patients as members of society, we help promote ethics, sustainability, and respect for the community around us. 

At the heart of it all, we believe in creating shared values, together.

Since 1999, the PRIME Healthcare Group is proud to have reached over 1 million people through our programs as we look to enhance impact and contribution to our community.

It’s a legacy that we hope to be building on for the future.


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