Prime Healthcare Group achieves Superbrands status for third year in a row



PRIME Healthcare Group has been awarded 'Superbrands' status for the third straight year--demonstrating its excellent performance as one of the country's top healthcare companies. The achievement also reflects the company's significant role as a premier provider of medical services. Being recognized for 'Superbrands' status also highlights why PRIME Healthcare Group stands apart from other healthcare companies in the UAE--sealing its reputation as a distinct market leader for the industry.

Dr. Jamil Ahmed, Managing Director of PRIME Healthcare Group, said, “We are truly honored to be bestowed once again with the ‘Superbrands’ status. For the third year in a row, PRIME Healthcare Group has proven its excellent performance as a premier provider of world-class healthcare and medical services in the UAE. Rest assured that we will remain steadfast in keeping true to our commitment of providing our patients with the highest standards of care. We would like to thank the ‘Superbrands Council’ for their continued trust and confidence in the PRIME Healthcare Group.” 



Superbrands is recognized as one of the world's largest independent champions of branding -- giving due recognition to some of the strongest and most valuable brands in the world via its publications and national marketing programs. The global organization promotes the significant role played by branding and has developed and implemented programs across over 85 countries, including the UAE. 


Being affirmed 'Superbrands' status helps reinforce a brand's position and adds to its prestige and reputation.



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