You are all set to welcome your baby. But you want to ensure you know all the necessary steps involved to make that journey a smoother one. At PRIME we can help you with our antenatal and labour preparation workshops to get all your queries clarified by our qualified experts. You can even bring your husband for this exclusive class hosted by PRIME Hospital! Register for free here!


What is Antenatal Class?

PRIME Hospital’s free antenatal class is a great way to prepare for the arrival of your new baby, while getting you ready for parenthood. While helping you find answers to all your questions about labour, birth and newborn care. We can help you to:


  • Stay healthy during pregnancy, while giving you all the necessary information 
  • Guide you through the arrangements for labour, birth, and choices available 
  • Make your own birth plan, while introducing you to the team who will look after you during labour and after delivery 
  • Share your experience with other parents-to-be 


The antenatal class covers a variety of topics about you and your baby before pregnancy and after birth:

  • Pregnancy-Development of Fetus & Changes in Pregnancy
  • Diet during Pregnancy & After Delivery
  • Talk on Stem Cell Collection & Banking
  • Delivery Process & Pain Management
  • Breastfeeding & Newborn Care
  • Exercise during pregnancy & after delivery
  • Questions & Answers
  • Hospital Tour



Contact the closest PRIME Center near you or click here for more information.

Prior Booking is Mandatory. Please call 04-2929777 or Click here for registration 



Dates are subject to change depending on availability. Upon registration, we will confirm your seat on your selected date.




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