Dr. Jamil Ahmed

Founder & Managing Director, PRIME Healthcare Group

Dr. Jamil Ahmed is an accomplished Orthopaedic Surgeon who completed his MBBS and MS in Orthopaedic Surgery from India’s prestigious medical institutions and a Fellowship in Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery from Germany. He went on to found PRIME Medical Centre in 1999, after gaining extensive experience from several Hospitals in UAE, India & Germany 

Dr. Jamil Ahmed is widely acknowledged as a respected leader in the local healthcare segment and as an ethical entrepreneur with a strong business acumen, which has propelled PRIME Healthcare Group to a place of pride amongst the Healthcare Institutions in the UAE. With his vision of being “the most respected healthcare provider in the region”, PRIME is amongst the UAE’s leading healthcare service providers, carving a niche by providing “personalized care personally”, which is the tagline of PRIME HEALTHCARE Group.

Dr. Jamil’s value-driven approach and personal involvement with each physician, employee, and patient who visits Prime Healthcare, has ensured that Prime Healthcare has established itself as a beacon of compassionate care in the UAE. It is this emphasis on quality that is reflected in the work culture and processes at PRIME,  and has led the group to achieve several accolades including the Dubai Quality Appreciation Award, Sharjah Economic Excellence Award, JCI / ACHSI accreditations, and DHA Distinguished Hospital, Clinics & Diagnostic Division. Dr. Jamil also is an active Board member of the Dubai Healthcare Business Group.  

From a modest beginning, PRIME Healthcare Group, spearheaded by Dr. Jamil Ahmed, has grown into a major conglomerate and an enterprise that continues to value add to each of its constituents and stakeholders. Dr. Jamil, played an exemplar role during the COVID crisis, leading the team from upfront and ensuring that PRIME played a significant role in vaccination of not only all its employees but the public at large. Dr. Jamil’s passion for philanthropy has him organizing and leading various CSR activities and events. Very recently he gifted an Ambulance to Dubai Corporation of Ambulance Services, as an appreciation for their tireless service to the community. 

The PRIME Healthcare Group has grown steadily and surely over the years and continues to expand its footprint in all aspects, whether it is in providing globally benchmarked clinical services, or the technology-driven digital delivery of its personalized care to each and every patient that walks in. 

Dr. Jamil has been among the leading entrepreneurs to be conferred with the Golden visa. He and his wife Dr. Tasneem Jamil, Deputy Managing Director of the Group have spent, along with their 3 children, over 30 years of blissful life in the UAE.  

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