Dr. Mariana Siritanu

Director of Nursing

Under her leadership, Mrs. Mariana synergized and integrated nursing professional roles, enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness within PRIME Hospital and the Medical Centers. 

She has spearheaded the Return-To-Nursing Training Program for unlicensed staff and Skills Training Program for Registered and Licensed Nurses, programs that help non-practicing nurses to gain knowledge and skills to become an invaluable part of our healthcare workforce. She has also initiated work redesign projects, which aim to expand and raise the professionalism of nursing jobs, as well as job satisfaction.

Mrs. Mariana has enjoyed a distinguished career in nursing, spanning 20 years and has also overseen the growth of the PRIME Staff, which offers nursing cross-training programs and practice-based training for nurses in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the region.   

She actively shares and contributes her nursing experience and expertise at many healthcare committees and education organizations. Her passion for nursing education led her to serve as a Basic Life Support and First Aid Instructor of the American Safety and Health Institute Florida, U.S.

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