Prime Hospital was referred to a case of a five-year-old child complaining of swelling in Right Elbow with severe pain and limitation of arm movement for two days following a two-week long fever. The patient had also been to a leading hospital in Dubai as well as seen three different paediatricians and was diagnosed with tonsillitis and viral infection. Following an initial assessment by Dr. Waleed Dandan, Specialist Paediatrician at Prime Hospital, the case was also referred to Dr. Amr Al Yamani, Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon. A sepsis workup was done which indicated a severe bacterial infection, while an ultrasound showed the collection of fluid in the right elbow. The patient was immediately put on empirical antibiotic therapy. Dr. Amr performed a fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) of the joint to take out pus for analysis, which confirmed septic arthritis. On the second day, Dr. Amr conducted arthrotomic surgery, allowing drainage of the joint for two days. The course of antibiotic administration was also changed as per the results of the blood culture and synovial samples. Four days after admission, the patient’s condition improved, with the fever resolved and the arm regaining movement. Intravenous delivery of antibiotics was prescribed for 10 days, followed by oral treatment for 10 more days. On follow-up, the patient was in good condition with normal arm movement. The successful treatment of the child is attributed to the excellent Septic arthritis is considered a life-threatening condition and requires prompt action and aggressive treatment to prevent complications such as osteomyelitis and damage to parts of the joint. team work between the paediatric and orthopaedic doctors of Prime Hospital.

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