Dr. Azam Badar Khan, a specialist in the field of Joint Replacement and also a highly experienced surgeon, recently operated on a wheelchair-bound UAE resident suffering from severe fixed flexion, obesity and varus deformity at the Prime Hospital in Dubai.


According to the patient's medical history, the patient had suffered from extreme pain in her knees, which gradually progressed to an inability to walk in the course of the last three years. Hoping to see her walk again, the patient's husband brought her to Prime Medical Hospital to check on possible treatment that she can undertake.

The challenge was to help the patient regain her ability to stand up and start walking again while facing the challenges in treating the patient such as gross deformity, obesity and the pain felt on her limbs. "When the patient came to us, she was already using a wheelchair as the pain she was experiencing was too painful for her to stand straight and even walk a few steps. Before performing the surgery, we had to give her antibiotic treatment to address her chest infection," said Dr. Azam. "The patient had only 20 - 80 ROM, which is called a 20-degree Fixed Flexion Deformity. This is a condition wherein patients cannot make their knees straight beyond 20 degrees. In this case, the patient could only bend up to 80 degrees with severe varus bowing deformity." 


During the surgery, Dr. Azam and his assisting team of medical experts aimed at correcting the deformity and contractures while also looking to put back a full range of movement on both of her limbs--properly aligning and balancing them at 100 percent. The surgery was to be followed by intensive rehabilitation and physical therapy sessions to help the patient recover and regain use of her legs. Post the operation, Dr. Azam has reported that the patient’s recovery was well on track. She first started walking with the aid of a walker on the first day after surgery and after four days of physiotherapy, the patient has started walking unassisted.


"We are very happy for the patient who has not only regained her ability to walk but has also found new confidence in facing life ahead of her. We thank Dr. Azam and his team of nurses and doctors for performing this unusual and difficult surgery for the first time in Prime Hospital. This landmark achievement fully complements our vision to offer the most effective treatment outcomes through the best in – class professionals," concluded Riaz Khan, General Manager of PRIME Hospital in Dubai.

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