The Hospital’s ICU team of medical professionals, led by Dr. Adel Al Sisi, were able to save the lives of a male neuro patient and a female patient involved in a drowning incident by providing immediate medical response, analysis, treatment and aftercare. Any sort of delay or error in medical judgment would have cost these patients their lives.

The first case is of a 54 years old male neuro patient suffering from a debilitating cerebrovascular disease, who was brought to Prime Hospital with a decreasing level of consciousness. An immediate analysis of the severity of the condition and a surgical procedure conducted on the patient followed by close monitoring and care from Prime's ICU doctors and nurses effectively paved the way for his recovery.

The second case details the path to healing made by a 24 years old woman rescued from drowning. She was treated meticulously to prevent the devastating effects of foreign body aspiration and arrest. The patient was in mechanical ventilation and sedation for two days and successfully extubated and fully recovered. She was discharged five days after she was rushed to the hospital, and was grateful to Prime’s ICU team for their tireless, warm care and efforts to save her life. Her employer, who was amazed by her fast recovery, was likewise thankful to the ICU staff.

The commitment and dedication showed by the ICU team that include highly talented and skilled surgeons, physicians and nurses, led by Dr. Adel Al Sisi, further guided by their mission to bring the best possible outcomes in life-threatening conditions, complement Prime Hospital’s continuous efforts to live up to its promise of delivering quality ‘personalized care personally.’

Dr. Jamil Ahmed, MD, Prime Hospital, said, “Our team of medical professionals assigned to the ICU knows the significant role that they need to play in order to save a patient. The complexities of life can quickly unravel--marking new beginnings or signal the end. At Prime Hospital, we deliver ‘personalized care personally’ and this is reflected in the commitment and dedication showed by our medical staff.”

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