Maternity Care

Healthy Pregnancy and beyond at PRIME Health

From the first appointment to the last session, there are a series of tests, treatments, scans, check-ups, and discussions related to your and your baby’s health. At PRIME Health, we have a comprehensive program by our team of experts, covering aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and parenting, focusing on empowering women to have evidence-based information, which will enable them to make better, healthier decisions.


We organize routine check-ups involving blood and urine tests, Pap tests, ultrasounds, genetic screening, depending on your needs, including a diet plan and birth plan during the discussions. We keep a constant tab on your weight, blood pressure, and the size of your growing tummy. These help us follow the growth of your little one and monitor your health at the same time.


The appointments also include monitoring your baby’s heart rate to check how they are doing. It also involves counseling sessions to support you emotionally if you are depressed or anxious because of the constant fluctuations of hormones. Each trimester comes with its own set of hormonal and physiological changes. We help you guide these tumultuous months with specially designed packages for different pregnancy periods.


Department offers the following range of services:


Antenatal Classes: Preparing for Labor, Birth & Early Parenthood

  • Free antenatal classes for all expectant mothers by Multidisciplinary team of Nursing staff, Anesthetist and Dietician. Discussions on pregnancy development of fetus and changes in pregnancy, diet during pregnancy, stem cell collection & banking, exercise during pregnancy, labor and pain management, Breast feeding and Newborn care 
  • Hospital tour to Maternity ward, Nursery, NICU & Labor room
  • Educational video on the stages of pregnancy


Mother & Child Ward:

  • Dedicated maternity and child floor
  • Free dietician consultation for the mother during hospital stay
  • Spacious private rooms with sleeper couch for companion
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • VIP rooms available for more spacious setting


Post-partum care:

  • Breast feeding counselling and lactation consultation
  • Advice on Kangaroo care
  • Complimentary baby bag with essential items for baby
  • Complete assistance on birth certificate issuance
  • Parent training during discharge on safely strapping baby into car seat


Post-natal care:

  • Post discharge email to enquire on mother and baby 
  • Email with education material on Breast feeding advice, challenges, handling expressed breast milk, post-natal care exercises 
  • Access to post discharge support service from Physicians and Nursing staff
  • One complimentary post discharge consultation with OBGYN doctor for the mother
  • Dedicated breast-feeding room within hospital for follow up visits


for appointments, please call us on 042929880

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